14th of July 2024 - 18th of July 2024, Vienna, Austria

17th International Conference on Travel Behavior Research

July 14-18, 2024, Vienna, Austria

Transformative Travel Behaviour Research - Looking beyond Back-to-Normal

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic having become endemic, ‘back to normality’ is not something that everybody can expect. The increase of digitalisation in our daily lives, the uncertainty about supply chain and economic conditions, and the introduction of new habits and values during the pandemic time have challenged the notion of “typical travel patterns” and raised questions on the assumptions underlying our transport models. In parallel, the impacts of climate change in recent years are becoming more and more apparent and knowledge on how we can identify the trigger(s) that lead to a profound, transformative behaviour change beyond what we can see with our traditional approaches is critical to achieve our carbon net-zero target. 

Whilst the uncertainties of user behaviours and transport supplies make travel demand modelling more difficult than ever, the interdisciplinary knowledge and advancement of methodologies and technologies enable us to explore new approaches in order to understand and forecast human decisions better. This knowledge would be critical in promoting a sustainable behavioural change, with the right disruptive methods and interventions, and in creating accessible and inclusive climate-neutral cities.

The conference welcomes submissions on all aspects of travel behaviour research and application. The following nine thematic categories have been selected as the main focus areas:

  • active mobility, life-stages, and quality of life
  • adoption, adaptation, and impacts of new technologies
  • time-use and locational choices
  • innovative data collection methods and alternative data sources
  • psychometrics, attitudes, and perceptions
  • pattern recognition in decision-making processes 
  • transformative policy and behavioural change 
  • advanced modeling and simulation
  • other relevant topics

 Proposed Timeline

Deadline of abstract submission 15 August 2023
Review results are
to be distributed
15 December 2023
Early registration will be opened 15 February 2024
Conference starts 14 July 2024

Post-Conference Publications

A number of special issues at select journals have been planned for this conference.

The journals which are currently planned to facilitate the post-conference special issues or will have SI on topics relevant for this conference include:

  • Transportation Research part A
  • Transportation 
  • Journal Transport Geography 
  • Transportation Letters  
  • Journal Transport and Health 
  • Journal of Choice Modelling 
  • European Transport Research Review
  • European Journal of Transport and Infrastructure Research

A separate submission and review process will be done according to each journal regulation and standard process.

Plenaries Speakers

This information will be provided soon.